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Gravity by Tess Gerritsen

1. What did you think of Emma Watson as a character?

JS--I liked Emma a lot, she was intelligent, hard working and dedicated. She was also human in her struggles with her husband. I also liked her husband, too, and his recovery from being envious of her career.

SJ--I found Emma to be a very complex character, and not the typical stereotype you would expect to find in the role of a physician or an astronaut. I found it refreshing that she worried about how the decisions she made would appear to others. I also thought that her marital problems lent a realistic note to the book.

TN--I found Emma to be very realistic. Sometimes, in books the lead female can be a little too perfect but Emma had flaws just like everyone else, even though those around her didn’t really notice them.

2. In some of the reviews, Gravity is listed as being too gory/graphic. What do you think?

SJ--I normally don’t read science fiction because some of it is very violent, however I did not find this book…