Gravity by Tess Gerritsen

1. What did you think of Emma Watson as a character?

JS--I liked Emma a lot, she was intelligent, hard working and dedicated. She was also human in her struggles with her husband. I also liked her husband, too, and his recovery from being envious of her career.

SJ--I found Emma to be a very complex character, and not the typical stereotype you would expect to find in the role of a physician or an astronaut. I found it refreshing that she worried about how the decisions she made would appear to others. I also thought that her marital problems lent a realistic note to the book.

TN--I found Emma to be very realistic. Sometimes, in books the lead female can be a little too perfect but Emma had flaws just like everyone else, even though those around her didn’t really notice them.

2. In some of the reviews, Gravity is listed as being too gory/graphic. What do you think?

SJ--I normally don’t read science fiction because some of it is very violent, however I did not find this book too graphic or too gory. The alien being was presented in almost a harmless fashion as the floating blue-green eggs or cysts and that is what caused the crew to overlook their danger. Once they invaded an organism, they sped up processes like decomposition, but it was not presented in an unnecessarily gory fashion. I am used to reading the authors police procedurals which at times do push the limit of violence & gore for the sake of violence & gore—so this book did not seem overly graphic to me.

TN--I didn’t find it to graphic, but I wanted to be a surgeon up until I discovered that I really didn’t understand chemistry, so it takes a lot to gross me out!

JS--It was too graphic for me in places, when describing the Chimera organisms and its effects on people. I chalked this up, though, to the author being a doctor and not being phased by excessive blood, and graphic “visuals”. That helped me laugh it off, or read through those pages quickly.

3. Have you ever dreamed of going into space as either a space tourist or an astronaut? Why or why not?

JS--Yes! I thought about being an astronaut and remember vividly the first “space walk” and thinking how COOL that would be to walk on the moon. The reality is, I am not good enough at science and math nor do I enjoy getting my body into that kind of physical shape. I’m sure it is grueling work. I really enjoy reading about it, though, and the photos from space are amazing.

TN--No dreams of space for me though I do enjoy looking up at the sky full of stars and seeing the pictures from space.

SJ--I actually am afraid to fly—I do fly because I am from another state and I need to go home occasionally, but unlike many of the characters in this book I have never had the dream to go to into space. I really don’t even like high speed.

4. Would you recommend this book to others to read?

SJ--Yes, I enjoyed reading it. Despite the fact that I am afraid to fly, I went back to Ga this past week due to a family emergency and so I downloaded it on my Kindle and read on the plane. The story was so engaging, every time I had a spare moment I read it. The plot was suspenseful and the characters very realistic.

TN--Yes, it was very suspenseful and interesting.

JS--Yes, definitely. (if they like this type of book)

JS--This was my kind of book—full of adventure and suspense.

TN--One thing I did find interesting is that you never heard any more about the astronaut that actually was handling the test tubes when the spill occurred that then contaminated the mice. I still wonder if he could have put the pieces together and helped them figure out how the “infection” started sooner. It was as if he got back to earth to bury his wife and he disappeared. Since he was the doctor on board the ISS before Emma got up there I thought they would at least pull him in to help.


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