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Hello All! I'm new to the Book Club, so "Crooked River Burning" is the first book I've read with the club. Overall I liked the story and the characters of the book. I certainly learned a lot about the city that I never knew before. Really I could have done without all the baseball sections. Other than Satchel Page changing David's life view of African Americans and Anne's father being a part owner of the team at one time, I didn't see how it really added to the plot. What did you all think? In the end, it was a pretty depressing book but the character development was good and the main characters starting out as teenagers and following them thru to mid-life was interesting. It did leave a lot of open questions. Such as what really happened to David's mother and Anne's brother Steven? Also what exactly did Uncle Stan do? Was he a good guy or not? Same with Mikey Z. Thoughts?