Sites for Free eBooks

Since a few different book club members have mentioned using a Kindle or a Nook, I thought this list of sites for finding free ebooks might be useful. I haven't tried all of these yet, so please feel free to leave comments about whatever you use or other sites you know about.

Project Gutenburg--over 33,000 books digitized with the help of volunteers

Google Books--Google's Library Project to digitize books in the public domain

Inkmesh--searches several sites for free ebooks 29,000 titles in various languages

Munseys--focus on fiction

Baen--science fiction and fantasy titles from Baen Publishing


  1. Maria, Thanks for the list. Also for Kindle, Amazon has lots of free books. Has anyone tried the Lincoln City Library loan of e-books yet?
    I'm just wondering if it is easy to use and how it works.


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