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August Virtual Meeting

My neighbor’s book is headed to the publisher…the first proof has been printed. 
                Title:                      Lives for Hire
Author:                 Brianna Bunn
Publisher:            Clear Fork Publishing
Just finished reading cases 1-6 of the Jake Caliber/Caliber Detective Agency series…I still haven’t decided what to think of it.  It takes place at two different time periods.  There is the back story of how the Caliber detective Agency was started back in 1800’s by Jake Caliber and what it taking place in modern day for the agency with Jake the 3rd and Jake the 5th as Grandfather/Grandson leading the company (Jake the 4th was killed).  It flips back and forth but isn’t confusing, but it is almost like a series of short stories only I don’t think they would hold their own separately.
Currently reading Secret Admirer but halfway through and still having trouble getting enthused about it…just OK.
I haven’t read anything new, but after a brief visit with someone on the airpl…