October 8 Meeting

Thank you to Tasha for joining me for the meeting.

My only reading right now is the newest Lee Child book—titled Personal.  I’m not as pleased with it as I usually am with a new Lee Child book.  I guess the theme is getting worn out.

I'm reading my neighbor's book, Lives for Hire by Brianna Bunn.  I hope to be a little farther along at the next meeting to have more to share.

I just read Gone Girl and Dark Places, both by Gillian Flynn.  The movie version of Gone Girl is in movie theaters now, though I'd rather see a movie about Dark Places.  In Gone Girl, a woman goes missing from her home, and her husband is the prime suspect.  In Dark Places, a thirty-two-year-old woman is looking into the events of the night where her mother and sisters were murdered, leaving her as the seven-year-old survivor that testified against her older brother, now serving life in prison.  In both books, Flynn shares events from various viewpoints in a way that proves "eye witnesses" can see the same situations completely differently. 

If you have any books you want to donate, Rachel can collect them at the next meeting to take to Madonna and Tabitha.  As we know, a book can be a nice distraction for patients and their family members.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 5, for dinner.  Time and location to be determined.