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January 14 Virtual Meeting

I read “The Book Thief” written by Markus Zusak. Great book. A little different perspective as it is narrated by “Death.”  This is the story about a young girl and her relationship with her foster parents during the Nazi Germany era.  Tension heightens when they hide a young Jewish man from the Nazi’s.
Nonfiction book by Suzie Orman:  “9 Steps to Financial Freedom”. Got this book awhile back and still refer to it. Great practical book on financial advice from someone who worked her way up in life and learned how to make the most of your money. (Not that I follow it or I would have more!) :)
My neighbor girl (graduated from high school in December), Briana Bunn was on the radio in York yesterday promoting her book.  She is in the process of getting the second book in the series finished and ready for publication.  Lives for Hire is now available in e-format on amazon.
I started reading one of the books from the “Warriors” series with my 5th grader.  It is about cats that live in the wi…