January 14 Virtual Meeting

I read “The Book Thief” written by Markus Zusak. Great book. A little different perspective as it is narrated by “Death.”  This is the story about a young girl and her relationship with her foster parents during the Nazi Germany era.  Tension heightens when they hide a young Jewish man from the Nazi’s.

Nonfiction book by Suzie Orman:  “9 Steps to Financial Freedom”. Got this book awhile back and still refer to it. Great practical book on financial advice from someone who worked her way up in life and learned how to make the most of your money. (Not that I follow it or I would have more!) :)

My neighbor girl (graduated from high school in December), Briana Bunn was on the radio in York yesterday promoting her book.  She is in the process of getting the second book in the series finished and ready for publication.  Lives for Hire is now available in e-format on amazon.

I started reading one of the books from the “Warriors” series with my 5th grader.  It is about cats that live in the wild and have clans and the 4 clans of the forest are constantly fighting to maintain/expand their territory/hunting grounds.  I am only on chapter 5 or so, but it is interesting the way the author is describing the cats and their personalities.  The clan is very much like a Native American tribe, they have a leader, deputy, warriors (both Toms and non pregnant/nursing females), warriors-in-training (apprentices), queens (pregnant/nursing moms that care for all the kits), a medicine cat/healer, and Elders.  A couple of cats are assigned each day to provide all the food for the clan to eat.  There are also many customs and rituals that they adhere to.  I believe the author also has a similar book series about dogs but I can’t remember the name of it or speak to anything about it. 

My daughter, also in 5th grade, and I have read a couple of the Warriors books together.  I admit I "abandoned" her to reading them on her own because I had read enough about hunting in the forest, apprectince-training, etc.  She loves the series, though.  Erin Hunter also has similar series about dogs (Survivors) and bears (Seekers), though the Warriors series is her most popular.

I read Roland:  Reluctant Paladin by N.C. Reed.  After the world economy crashes, a young military man finds himself responsible for a ragtag group of children.  The book is written as though it's his journal.

I also read History of the Rain by Niall Williams.  A bedridden college student vows to read through all of her family history and her dead father's writings, learning a lot about herself and her family along the way.  Another excellent entry in the world of Irish fiction.

I finally saw August:  Osage County (Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts) over the weekend.  Very dark and disturbing, but really well-done.  I don't think this was supposed to happen, but my favorite character in the movie is actually the housekeeper/caretaker.