Inspirational Book Recommendations

On one of my e-mail discussion lists geared to medical librarians, someone requested recommendations for inspirational readings that would remind physicians about why they decided to pursue a career in medicine.  I thought some of you might be interested in the suggestions shared.

On Doctoring: Stories, Poems, Essays.  Reynolds, Richard, MD and Stone, John, MD.  Simon & Schuster, 2001 (402 pp) 
Sacred Trust: The Ten Rules of Life, Death, and Medicine.  Hollenbeck, Phyllis MD.  Book Publishers Network, 2005 (120 pp) 

The Patient in Room Nine Says He's God by Louis Profeta, MD

Short stories by William Carlos Williams. He was a physician in NJ, made house calls, treated the poor, and wrote very touching stories about his experiences.

 In Every Patient Tells a Story:  Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis, Dr. Lisa Sanders chronicles the real-life drama of doctors solving these difficult medical mysteries that not only illustrate the art and science of diagnosis, but often save the patients’ lives.

I like John McPhee.  I also like Rachel Naomi Remen.  Kitchen Table Wisdom was my favorite.

I think anything by Atul Gawande, Jerome Groopman, or Abraham Verghese would be a great choice, though I'm not sure people would see those as inspirations.

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder is a very inspirational book for physicians and the cause of medicine and human rights in general. It's not new, about Paul Farmer and his devotional work in Haiti and the fight to end Malaria as well as conditions associated with poverty and living conditions in Haiti.

Patch Adams' House Calls?  Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but it's a thought.

Juniper: the girl who was born too soon by Kelley French (2016) ISBN 9780316324427

I liked Heirs of General Practice by John McPhee one of the BEST writers!

Another great one by Tracy Kidder is Strength in What Remains.

The Soul of the Physician: doctors speaking about passion, resilience, and hope by Linda Henry, James D. Henry (2002).  (Out of print)

Our organization has just finished reading Being Mortal in our health care book club, a lot of people enjoyed that.  I also really enjoyed When Breath Becomes Air, a similar book.