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Happy Chinese New Year!


Titantic Revisited

Mystery Tribune

Have you looked at Mystery Tribune yet?  The online magazine's mission statement is:

"Behind extraordinary mystery reads, there are extraordinary authors. Mystery Tribune is a magazine about these authors and their books. We search the globe to find great reads and authors who inspire, excite and thrill us with their writing."

Recent entries include:

New Mysteries in the Market for January 22 Weekend

Get Ready for a Netflix Scandinavian Retreat:  The Rain

5 Hot Titles for Those Looking for Military Thrillers

Amazon Prime is Bringing Bryan Cranston Back with The Infiltrator



Book Boxes

You've Got Mail:  Book Boxes Offer Novels and Novelty Items

Information about four of the approximately 50 subscription book services.

Mark Twain

Books and President Obama

Transcript:  President Obama on What Books Mean to Him
The New York Times

President Obama:  "I think that what one of the jobs of political leaders going forward is, is to tell a better story about what binds us together as a people. And America is unique in having to stitch together all these disparate elements — we’re not one race, we’re not one tribe, folks didn’t all arrive here at the same time. What holds us together is an idea, and it’s a story about who we are and what’s important to us. And I want to make sure that we continue that."



January Dinner Meeting

Thursday, January 26
5:30 p.m.
Contact Maria at for the location.

Happy reading!

Ask a Manager

Alison Green, work advice blogger at Ask a Manager, recommends a book a week to blog readers.  She just compiled her list of 2016 book recommendations.  You may also appreciate her list of 2015 book recommendations.  (I highly recommend her blog, too, which is very well-written, and there are also many insightful regular commenters on posts.)



2017 Books


National Geographic's Best Photos of 2016

The second photo was taken near Wood River, Nebraska, by Randy Olson.  (An evening storm with sandhill cranes in the Platte River.)

Tamsen Butler in Seward

Sunday, January 15, 2017
1:30 p.m.--Reception
2:00 p.m.--Presentation by Tamsen Butler

Red Path Gallery
514 Seward St.
Seward, Nebraska

This is the first of twelve monthly readings sponsored by Red Path Gallery and the Nebraska Writers Guild.