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Book Club--February Reads

Currently reading:    The burning edge by Rick Mofina (2012).  From the book cover:  A single mother becomes an eyewitness to murder.  Pressured to land an exclusive, journalist Jack  From theGannon chases the elusive thread of an anonymous tipster.  With every instinct telling Jack the story is within his grasp, he risks everything to reveal the chilling truth…before the cold-blooded killers can take the next step in their vengeful mission.  I am on page 104 of 378 and the basics are:  the mom stops at a gas station on her way home from selling the family cabin at a lake and while she is inside 4 guys on motorcycles rob the armored car service that is there to service the ATMs.  They kill the 3 guards and also the FBI agent that is next to the mom.  They get away with $6M.  Jack Gannon is the lead reporter for what is the equivalent of the AP.
Have read:    In Desperation by Rick Mofina (2011):   From the book cover:  Eleven year Tilly Martin is dragged from her suburban bedroom.  Her…


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Read Across America

The National Education Association (NEA) marks 20 years of celebrating Read Across America Day, intentionally chosen to coincide with the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as children's author Dr. Seuss.