Book Club--May Reads

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon (2015).  Maya and I read this YA book, recently released as a movie, together.  We enjoyed the book well enough that I think we'll go to the movie.  Seventeen-year-old Maddy stays inside the house, seeing only her mom and her nurse, to avoid dying from her allergies.  Then Olly moves in next door.  How much would you risk if you fell in love for the first time, even knowing that leaving the house to be with Olly could kill you?

Dead Certain by Adam Mitzner (2017).  Attorney Ella's younger sister, Charlotte, goes missing right after giving Ella the start of a semi-autobiographical novel about a murdered woman seeing three men, leaving three suspects.  A little disappointing that the Big Reveal wasn't much of a big reveal.  Plus, I didn't particularly like either of the sisters, so I didn't feel very vested in the story.

The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher:  A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective by Kate Summerscale (2012).  Based on the 1860 investigation into the death of a three-year-old English boy by Scotland Yard Detective Jonathan Whicher.  Unlike now, when a child's death certainly triggers close scrutiny of immediate family members, the detective's idea that someone in the household must have killed the boy caused an uproar.  Interesting to read about the lives of the remaining family members, too.

I am still reading the 2 Rick Mofina books from the last update.

I also started reading the 2nd book in the Lives for Hire series Deadman’s Ballad by Brianna Bunn (my neighbor).  It is a young adult book series that is very different from anything else I have ever read.  I would recommend starting with the first book, as I am not sure Deadman’s Ballad would make sense on its own.
Per Amazon:      The story of aftermath. A continuation of the first book, this installment explores the harsh reality faced by those involved in Lives for Hire, following them as they struggle to find meaning in the world that has been left in their hands.